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Workshops, info sessions, how-to guides, and more! Explore past webinars we facilitated in partnership with Bethlehem Area Public Library.


May 2024 Project Updates

Tech, construction, and sustainability: The behind-the-scenes work bringing your Co-op to life. Learn about our new POS system, construction progress, and eco-friendly initiatives shaping your future shopping experience.


August 2023 Project Update

Painting progress and local partnerships: Your Co-op takes shape on E. Broad St. Witness the transformation as we collaborate with local experts to bring our vision to life.


July 2023 Project Update

Groceries meet gallery: How local art will enhance your Co-op shopping experience. Explore our exciting plans to showcase community talent and create a truly local, culture-rich grocery environment.


2022 Project Milestones

“It takes a village” – and our co-op is no exception! Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished in the previous year, with the help of so many…