Ends Statements

At Bethlehem Co-op Market, we’re more than a grocery store. We’re mission-driven, guided by a set of core principles that keep us true to our community-focused roots. We strive to meet our end statements in everything we do to help make Bethlehem a better place for everyone here today and tomorrow.

“E1. There will be a thriving and sustainable local economy providing meaningful jobs, goods and services to our members and the community.”

We believe in putting your money where your heart is, by boosting our local economy. We’re working to create meaningful jobs, being a great place to work or shop, and keeping our grocery dollars in our community. By shopping with us, you’re helping to build a stronger Bethlehem.

“E2. Our community will have access to high quality, reasonably priced food, with an emphasis on local, minimally processed and ethically produced goods.”

Everyone deserves great food at fair prices. That’s why we focus on local, minimally processed, and ethically produced goods as much as possible. When you shop with us, you’re choosing the best for yourself, your family, and your community.

“E3. There will be active, collaborative relationships with a wide variety of organizations in the community to achieve common goals. “

Teamwork makes the dream work. Cheesy, we know, but oh so true. By partnering with local community organizations, we’re working together to reach common goals which benefit our larger community.

“E4. Members and shoppers will be informed about cooperative principles and values, relevant environmental, food and consumer issues, and the Co-op’s long-term vision.”

Knowledge and transparency are powerful. We’re dedicated to keeping you informed about cooperative principles and values, environmental issues, and our vision for the future. This empowers everyone to make informed decisions.

“E5. Members and shoppers will actively participate in the life of the co-op and community.”

Whether you are a member-owner, a volunteer, or co-op shopper we love to see our community engaged in co-op life. Your participation helps shape our co-op and strengthen the community. You matter here.

“E6. The local environment will be protected and restored.”

There is no Planet B, so taking care of the environment is a big deal to us. We strive to practice sustainability in everything we do to protect and restore our local environment. Shopping with us means supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

“E7. Bethlehem Food Co-op will have an accepting culture that values diversity, inclusiveness and respect.”

Everyone is welcome and all voices are heard and appreciated here. Bethlehem Co-op Market is an inclusive, respectful environment because we believe we are stronger together.

Join Us in Building a Better Community

Bethlehem Co-op Market is more than a grocery store. We are committed to positive change and welcome you to join us on our journey to create a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable Bethlehem.

Learn more about how you can get involved in our co-op.

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