Bethlehem Co-op Market Product Purchase Policy

The product purchase policy is vital to our business foundation as we continue to grow. This policy isn’t just a set of rules; it’s a compass that guides our purchasing decisions and sets the standards for our products. It ensures we maintain the quality and integrity our members expect.

View the Product Purchase Policy.

How We Made Our Product Purchase Policy

In September 2023, we initiated a survey to understand our members’ and neighbors’ desires regarding the types of products we carry. To ensure inclusivity and accessibility, we designed the survey in English and Spanish, promoting it online through digital channels and over 600 door hangers in the neighborhood. We received over 800 responses, indicating strong community engagement and excitement towards BCM’s growth.

What We Learned About Our Community

We learned that our community wants local, healthy food at a reasonable price and values honesty and choice.

What this Policy Means

We promise to empower you to make informed choices based on your priorities with our in-store signage, social media, and other communications.

These are the minimum standards you set for us. We will grow, expand, and evolve these standards together.

Feedback & Suggestions

The policy is intentionally flexible and transparent, with a built-in mechanism to provide feedback; that mechanism remains:

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