Permits Secured, Progress Being Made

Bethlehem Co-op Market is thrilled to announce a major milestone in the development of our community-owned grocery store:

  • Building Permits: Secured and in hand!

  • Interior Construction: Happening now!

What Does This Mean?

We’re taking a massive leap from vision to reality.

As we speak, construction crews are rolling up their sleeves, and our space is about to undergo an exciting transformation. While we can’t give you an exact opening date just yet, rest assured that this development brings us significantly closer to welcoming you through our doors. We will work hard to finalize our grand opening plans in the coming weeks.

More Than a Grocery Store

This progress isn’t just about building a store; it’s about cultivating a hub for our community’s physical, social, and economic well-being. It’s about creating a space where everyone, regardless of being a member-owner or not, is welcome to shop, learn, and connect.

Imagine walking into a store where every aisle tells a story of local farmers, sustainable practices, and community connection. It is a place where you can grind your own nut butter, select from an array of fresh, locally sourced produce, bump into your neighbors while picking up dinner from our prepared foods section, and check everything off your grocery list. That’s the Bethlehem Co-op Market experience we’re building for our community.

Stay In The Loop

As we enter this exciting new phase, we invite you to stay connected and be part of our journey. Follow our blog for regular updates on our progress, sneak peeks of the store’s development, and ways you can get involved. Your input and support have brought us this far, and we can’t wait to share each step of the remaining journey with you.

The next time you’re in the neighborhood, take a peek at our future home. You might catch a glimpse of our community’s vision coming to life!

Stay tuned, Bethlehem (and beyond!). The day when you can fill your basket with local goodness, sustainability, and community spirit is just around the corner. Together, we’re not just opening a grocery store; we’re nurturing a movement that started with a red pepper and is blossoming into a market for all.

People browsing co-op market stall
Window being painted with co-op branding

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