Looking ahead to our Annual Meeting

We are incredibly fortunate to have a history of dedicated, passionate advocates serving as our organization’s leadership. They have brought us from a ‘germ of an idea’ to the point where we have negotiated a site and secured a significant portion of our funding to bring our store to reality!

At our Annual Meeting on Monday, Oct. 4, we will be voting for three new Board members. So we are currently recruiting applicants for these positions – neighbors who believe in our co-op and are willing to work to make it happen. If this is something that interests you (or you know someone who would be), you’ll want to review this list of Board member obligations and submit an application by Friday, Aug. 13.

We’re also planning an in-person “meet and greet” with our current board members, for anyone interested in learning more. We’ll have that date available soon.

And one more note about our Annual Meeting: we are currently planning an in-person event and investigating an online option for those unable to attend. Stay tuned for more details!

From top left: Kelly Allen, Heather Terrible, Tony Marinho
Second row: Kathy Fox, Domenic Breininger, Cindy Glick
Third row: Carol Ritter, Elliot Nolter, Deb Fritz

People browsing co-op market stall
Window being painted with co-op branding

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Co-op market booth with staff and information displays
Group of people outdoors holding up large letters spelling we want our won grocery store